Money is always a delicate matter but let us face it, when it comes to our career choice; it is futile to say that the amount that you make does not matter at all. Yes, it is important to be doing something that you enjoy, you are good at and find fulfillment in but if it cannot pay your bills, you will definitely think twice before getting into it. The same is true with forensic scientists. Yes, forensic science is challenging and fulfilling but at the end of the day, will it be able to put food on the table and pay every month’s bills? Let us talk about the forensic scientist salary. How much does a forensic scientist make every year? What is the salary range per year?

As it is in all other professions, a forensic scientist salary depends greatly on his or her position and level. Of course, it makes sense that an entry level forensic scientist will not make as much as a one who has been doing it for years. You can be sure of one thing though – a steady source of income and bigger pay as you make it up the forensic science ladder of responsibility.

A forensic scientist with experience in the field may earn between 40,000 to 85,000 dollars every year. This depends on the amount of experience that he or she has. Naturally, the more experience that you have in the field, the higher your pay gets because you are expected to know more and to be more efficient at work. You must also realize that your area of specialization also has something to do with your salary. The less people there are available in your field, the more that you can command your price. Those are some of the things that determine a forensic scientist salary.

Lab directors who are also forensic scientists earn a whole lot more every year. They can get a minimum of 100,000 dollars but do not be fooled that they are making easy money. Take into consideration that lab directors have far more responsibilities that forensic scientists. They oversee everything – the progress of the investigation along with everything that is happening in the lab. That is the reason why forensic scientist salary for lab directors is higher.

Entry level forensic scientist salary is within the range of 30,000 to 45,000 dollars every year. Do not worry though, you can be sure that your salary will steadily increase as you gather more experience and as you stay longer in a company. If you have a master’s degree, you may be able to command a higher starting salary price plus your employability and promotion will be noticeably faster.

Being a forensic scientist is one of those few professions that will give you a balance of fulfillment in your job even as you earn. Forensic scientist salary may vary depending on your university, your grades, your job experience and how long you’ve been in the field.